Wentzo Wireless main focus lies within a relatively new market, yet we already have a decade of experience in wireless networks. This experience gave us a head start. Not only does Wentzo Wireless have extensive technical knowledge of the wireless networks and Wi-Fi products, but is also very known within many markets as shown by are reference projects.


In 1999 two brothers Reino and Martijn Wentzel started their company. In 2002 a number of WLAN specialists are employed and the company moves to Putten. In 2005 Wireless Network is acquired and one year later Wentzo Wireless opens its democentre in Amsterdam. A second acquisition is done in 2007.  Holiday Hotspot, a company with a strong focus on the recreation sector, is incorporated as part of Wentzo Wireless.

New location

2009 marks the start of a building renovation, in the center of Garderen to accommodate for the rapid company expansion. By then the team has grown significantly in size and operates from this new location. Wentzo Wireless continues to focus itself on its specialty: reliable wireless connections for a wide range of applications! 

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