Making profit is only truly valuable if you can share. With this vision in mind we support a variety of projects in which we involve our staff actively as well.

We, for instance, have (with the whole team) devoted ourselves to foundation Pinel where we constructed a sandbox in a children's home and have accompanied mentally handicapped for a day. We are also actively involved with Flame Foundation, an organization that offers education and health care to orphans in Kenya. We supported, and visited as well, a project in Bangladesh in which toxic water (arsenic) is purified and made available for the local inhabitants.

In Ethiopia, Wentzo has substantively contributed to making a concept for a wireless network for Hope University College, a university where poor children too can get a chance for an education / job.

Locally we sponsor participants from Garderen that participate in Duchenne Heroes, in which people have to cycle 700 km. Wentzo is also a sponsor for a football team from the local association 'de Veluwse Boys'.

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The amount of donated meals to Unicef: