Wentzo Partner Program

Partner Program

Your organization has a limited knowledge of wireless solutions. Yet still, you don't want to have to say no to clients. A problem? Not at all. With our Partner Program you will profit from our expertise and with a nice margin!

Profitable concept

The Wentzo Partner Program is a clear concept with a pleasant effect. It will offer, for instance, the following advantages:

You can install a wireless solution without a problem for your clients.

Your clients are assured of a optimally setup wireless connection.

You receive an ample margin without any effort!

Sign up

Reputable organizations such as Imtech, Terberg, BAM and Unilogic, use the Wentzo Partner Program. But the partner concept turns out as a true solution for smaller companies as well. This is the reason why you should sign up. Or contact us for more information. 

Want to know more about the wireless connections of Wentzo Wireless or like to make an appointment? Call 0577 - 460008 or email info@wentzo.com

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