Secure Point-to-Point connection

Point-to-Point connections

Connect your company sites or provide an event with wireless internet access using RF technology? Whatever your require, Wentzo Wireless offers you the right type of point-to-point connection.

Connecting company sites wirelessly

A Point-to-Point connection connects different (company) locations to each other. This way, one network extends to multiple locations. Data is immediately shared and telephone communication is free of charge. Plenty of reasons to consider a point-to-point connection!

Different types of Point-to-Point connections

Each environment has unique features. This also applies to the different types of Point-to-Point connections. Exactly that is what makes the choice for a Point-to-Point connection a hard choice. The specialized engineers of Wentzo work with both radio, laser and microwave technology. Their extensive knowledge guarantees the best possible solution!

Renting Point-to-Point connection

Wentzo Wireless also rents Point-to-Point connection. This is an ideal solution, especially for temporary company sites or events. We have various Point-to-Point connections available for renting. These are directly available from stock. Of course including installation on site.

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