WiFi Hotspot

Wireless guest internet

Wireless internet for your guests: a service that yields appreciation. However, a WiFi Hotspot requires a skilled setup. That is the requirement for satisfied users. Your skilled partner? Wentzo Wireless.

Wireless internet access

Often, a Hotspot serves as an additional service for visitors and it only serves as one of the many applications on a WLAN. In other cases, the wireless network is completely used for WiFi Hotspot, for example at campsites or at conference centres. Whatever your situation is or desire may be, Wentzo has the solution.

WiFi Hotspot Services

With hotspot service, we provide many opportunities to offer your guests access to your service. You can for example provide your own hotspot accounts, but you can also give this responsibility to Wentzo. We offer you the convenience and certainty of Hotspot Services, a service in which we not only provide the accounts, but also offer a professional Helpdesk and provide marketing material and manuals.

Want to know more about the wireless connections of Wentzo Wireless or like to make an appointment? Call 0577 - 460008 or email info@wentzo.com

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