Wireless education

A high quality Wi-Fi network has become essential in the education of today. A wireless network has become basic requirement, comparable with gas, water and electricity, in primary, secondary and vocational education. Depending on your wishes the network specialists from Wentzo Wireless can setup a WLAN that fulfils your specific wishes. We work according to a proven methodology that results in the most optimal wireless user experience. Just ask our customers!

Vendor independent advice

Based on our vendor independent position we'd like to discuss with you about the best solution for your situation. We explain the differences and the pros and cons of various solutions to you and can provide you with a realistic price estimate of a complete solution. Of course, a professional WLAN Site Survey offers a detailed insight into the quantities and positioning of AccessPoints, but an indication, prior to a site-survey, can give you an for budgeting.

Education partnerships

Besides an optimal advice, Site Survey, installation and the configuration of the WiFi network, you can expect more from Wentzo. For example, you benefit from our partnerships with various relevant parties in education. Partners like SURFnet (Wentzo is eduroam partner), Quarantainenet (we are a Qmanage reseller) and APS and SLB services. Via the latter party you can get a WiFi as a Service subscription at a reasonable price. Contact us for further details of our capabilities.

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