Hospitable internet

A Wifi network where you call the shots. That is Hospitable Internet® from Wentzo Wireless. Without any investment you determine the fees your guests pay or you can offer the internet usage for free. Related services, such as account issuance or a helpdesk, can be completely setup according to your own view.

Your idea of hospitality

Thanks to this concept, your internet service can seamlessly be tuned to your ideas of hospitality. Wentzo Wireless, WiFi specialist and developer of Hospitable Internet®, is the service provider that supports you. We setup an optimal WiFi network (WLAN) and take care of all subsequent services such as a user friendly access system, a professional 24x7 helpdesk for your guests and a guaranteed services. The exact content of your subscription and its duration? That's up to you, you are calling the shots after all!

The benefits for you

• No investment, but a subscription

• You determine the fee or offer it for free

• No long-term contracts

• Using the WiFi network for other purposes as well

• High-speed with the latest WiFi technology

• No need to worry about your internet service provision


The benefits for your guests

• Fair pricing or free access to WiFi network

• Most reliable and fast wireless connection

• Simple in usage

• Professional 24x7 helpdesk

Want to know more about the wireless connections of Wentzo Wireless or like to make an appointment? Call 0577 - 460008 or email info@wentzo.com

The amount of donated meals to Unicef: