WiFi in Healthcare

Being able to update your digital healthcare records from any location, flexible workspaces for ambulatory staff members and wireless internet for clients and visitors. Just some valuable applications of a WiFi network for your organization. Your competent partner for this? Wentzo Wireless!

Wireless applications for the healthcare sector

Wireless networkspecialist Wentzo Wireless developed specifically for the Care&Cure sector, WiFi in Healthcare®. Thanks to this unique WLAN concept you benefit from a high quality wireless network without having to worry about the reliability, security or the management. With this Wentzo offers both the internal organization as well as offering your clients and visitors the convenience of working wirelessly!

The benefits for you organization

• Always and everywhere up to date information available

• Secured and reliable WiFi network

• Facilities for clients and visitors on an even higher level

• Completely releive by a specialistic partner

• Profitable WiFi subscription (WaaS) possible


Benefits for your clients

• Simple, secure and without charge online

• An even nicer stay at your organization

• A reliable high-speed network 

• Professional helpdesk for support 

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